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Perfume Making at Galimard


Perfume Making at Galimard


Perfume Making at Galimard

Galimard, Grasse


Put your nose to the test and learn how to create your own bespoke fragrance in the iconic city of Grasse. Known for its idyllic fields filled with lavender, jasmine, roses and bitter orange blossom, it’s no wonder that it became the perfume capital of the world. The workshop takes place at the Studio des Fragrances of iconic French perfumery Galimard, which until recently was closed to the public.

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In the middle ages, Jean de Galimard, Lord of Seranon, supplied the court of Louis XV with pomades, oils and perfumes of which he invented the very first fragrance formulas. Grasse was awarded the title of World Capital of Perfume, thanks to the distinctive scents indigenous to the French Riviera.

As France’s oldest perfumier, Galimard continues to evoke the senses, making it an apt place to master the fine art of fragrance. For a crash course, its atelier offers a perfume creation workshop. Surrounded by an organ of 127 notes, you’ll be given an olfactory introduction into the architecture of a good perfume before being left to follow your nose and create your own unique signature scent (for one-to-one tuition, you can book a private haute couture workshop).

At the end of the session, you’ll leave with a 100ml bottle of your custom-made concoction, which will be recorded on the Galimard database so you can reorder it in parfum, Eau de Parfum, body lotion or shower gel form whenever you require. A bathroom cabinet stocked with your own bespoke toiletries? Queen Catherine would most certainly approve.

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