Thimphu Tsechu Festival

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Thimphu Tsechu

Thimphu, Bhutan
8 – 10 October 2019

One of the grandest festivals in Bhutan, Thimphu Tsechu is an annual, three-day Buddhist festival that has been held in the capital city of Thimphu every year since 1867. In honour of Guru Rinpoche, the central feature of the celebrations is the cham dance, which involves a vast number of masked, costume clad dancers, using movement didactically to tell stories and re-enact key moments from the lives of important Buddhist figures. There are other fine festivals celebrating the wheel of life, but none quite so glorious as Thimphu Tsechu. If you still need convincing, Thimphu Tsechu also falls in the autumn which is the perfect time of year to visit Bhutan.

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