Bon Vivant Terms, Conditions and Privacy Policy

1 General

These terms and conditions govern all access to and use of the Bon Vivant magazine website (hereinafter “Magazine”). The Magazine is published by G. A. Brand Design Limited (United Kingdom company number 10450055, with its registered office at Lymehouse Studios, 30-31 Lyme Street, London, NW1 0EE, hereinafter “G.A. Brand Design”) via a digital publication service provided by Foleon B.V. (registered in the Netherlands, hereinafter “Foleon”).

2 Privacy

G.A. Brand Design does not have access to nor use any personal information supplied by you when you access or use the Magazine. Foleon’s access to and use of any personal information supplied by you when you access or use the Magazine shall be governed solely by the Foleon Privacy Policy.

3 Intellectual Property

All Intellectual property and/or industrial property rights in the template, source code, designs, images tests etc which form part of the Foleon digital publishing service belong exclusively to Foleon and any use of the same will be subject to the Foleon General Conditions. All Intellectual property rights in the Magazine content in whatever form supplied by G.A. Brand Design and displayed using the Foleon publication service (hereinafter “Content”) will vest in and remain vested in G.A Brand Design or its clients (as applicable). Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Magazine may from time to time display third party intellectual property including, without limitation, trademarks that have been licenced to us for use within the Magazine (“Other Content”). All intellectual property rights embodied in Other Content accessed or provided to you shall remain vested in the relevant proprietor and your use of the same shall be governed by these Terms and Conditions.

4 Licence

G.A. Brand Design grants to you a non-exclusive licence to access and use the Content and/or sublicence to access and use Other Content solely for personal use. You may not reproduce or distribute any of the Content or Other Content for commercial purposes. You irrevocably acknowledge that the Content belongs to G.A. Brand Design, that Other Content belongs to a relevant third party proprietor, and that your access and use of the Content or Other Content does not give you any proprietary rights in the same whatsoever. Unauthorised use of Content or Other Content may give rise to a civil or criminal liability.

5 Limitation of Liability

Your access to and use of the Magazine is entirely at your own risk, G.A. Brand Design will not be liable for any loss or damage suffered as a result of either your use or access to the Magazine nor the inability to use or access the Magazine. For avoidance of doubt, the Content and/or Other Content is for your general information and use only and G.A. Brand Design may at any time alter or withdraw this Magazine or any part of it. Any provided links to other websites are provided solely for your convenience only. G.A. Brand Design makes no warranties whatsoever, whether express or implied, relating to the Magazine or any of its Content or Other Content including, without limitation, in relation to any implied warranty as to the accuracy, currency or suitability of the Content or Other Content, nor the future availability of the Magazine.

6 Governing Law

Subject to the terms of the Foleon Privacy Policy and Foleon General Conditions (if applicable), your access to and use of this Magazine and any disputes arising out of the same will be subject to the laws of England.

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