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Lana Del Rey


Lana Del Rey


Lana Del Rey

European Tour

21 February – 3 March 2020

Lana Del Rey, that most arch of Prom Queens, is riding a wave of acclaim with current album Norman F***king Rockwell, a work in which her deadpan delivery is matched by elegant wordplay and precise, profound songwriting. Having sighed, hollered and swung – on a playground swing, while singing Video Games – through a Stateside tour, she’s set to unleash her unique brand of refracted Americana on Europe. Expect Hollywood glamour with a hip-hop twist, selfies with the crowd and holes poked in the Stars and Stripes.

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Norman F**king Rockwell

1. Norman f**king Rockwell – Lana Del Rey

2. Mariners Apartment Complex – Lana Del Rey

3. Venice B***h – Lana Del Rey

4. F**k it I love you – Lana Del Rey

5. Doin' Time – Lana Del Rey

6. Love song – Lana Del Rey

7. Cinnamon Girl – Lana Del Rey

8. How to disappear – Lana Del Rey

9. California – Lana Del Rey

10. The Next Best American Record – Lana Del Rey

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