Préhistoire, une énigme moderne

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Préhistoire, une énigme moderne

Centre Pompidou, Paris

Until 16 September 2019

In 1864, two archaeologists visiting a dig in Dordogne stumbled upon fragments from a mammoth tusk, on which was a carved drawing of a mammoth. The Mammouth de la Madeleine transformed our understanding of the Ice Age at a moment when the idea of prehistory was just dawning. As this exhibition explores, by the twentieth century, fascinating objects like the Mammouth de la Madeleine became concrete models for artistic experimentation, inspiring pioneering modernists Cézanne, Picasso, Miró, Klee, Giacometti and Ernst, but also later artists such as Joseph Beuys, Yves Klein and Louise Bourgeois, up to the present day. A true excavation of mankind’s primal artistic urge.

Yves Klein – Anthropométrie (ANT 84) 1960 © Succession Yves Klein c/o Adagp, Paris 2019

Robert Smithson – Spiral Jetty, 1970 © Centre Pompidou

Pablo Picasso – Buste de femme, Boisgeloup, 1931 © Succession Picasso

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