Stacey Kent

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Stacey Kent

Casino Barrière Bordeaux, Bordeaux
12 April 2019

American singer Stacey Kent has a knack for making even a large venue like Casino Barrière feel intimate; her dulcet tones draw in listeners like a moth to a flame. For this performance her husband, saxophonist Jim Tomlinson, will be accompanying her alongside bassist Jeremy Brown, in a concert featuring songs from her latest album, I Know I Dream. Plus, Stacey is sure to delight the crowd with a flawless French number or two. This is jazz at its finest.

I Know I Dream

1. Double Rainbow

2. Photograph

3. Les amours perdues

4. Bullet Train

5. To Say Goodbye

6. Make It Up

7. Avec le temps

8. I Know I Dream

9. La Rua Madureira

10. Mais Uma Vez

11. That's All

12. The Changing Lights

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